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Welcome to the Resource Center

Welcome to the e-Loan Resource Center

You are our customer.

And between responsibilities at school, at work, and with your family, we know you're busy. With the e-Loan Resource Center it's easy for you to manage your student loan account online.

We've enhanced our Frequently Asked Questions to include short, to-the-point answers stocked with the kind of information you need to effectively control your account. You can also use the Resource Center to:

  • Access current information on your existing student loan.
  • Learn Details on how you can make your loan payments on time -- without writing a check or buying a stamp.

With the e-Loan Resource Center, managing your student loan account online has never been easier!

At Wells Fargo, we are committed to educating our customers about fraud and identify theft protection.
We encourage you to visit our Fraud Information Centers at:

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